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I put the finishing touches on the swing today.  Made some changes to the back…one of the interesting things about working with pallet wood is it’s imperfection.  But, then again, there are some imperfections I can’t overlook, lol!  So, changes made, I sanded everything.  This part is always exciting to me because it means I’m ready to paint/stain and coat with protective gloss.   Then…..voila!  Finished product…..ahhhh, such satisfaction.

If only the last three sentences above went off as easily as I typed them….hahaha!  More on that as I update you on the weekend.

So, I may have mentioned that I have three schnauzers, two of which are recent adoptions, Fiona and Raul.   Fiona is enamored with my chickens.  So much so I have had to resort to behavioral therapy because she is stressing them out!  Stress = no eggs!  🙁

Well, as was the plan, I added new chicks this spring to keep the flock rotating on egg production.  The new babies are 8 Orpingtons and 2 Easter Eggers (so excited about the pastel eggs!).  Aren’t they adorable?!?!


Fiona has discovered she can view the chicks really well when I have the screen off to clean the container.


Have to keep a close eye on her….she’s sneaky.

Here is a picture of the swing with it’s first coat of white paint.  I decided on a white stained look.  I accomplished this with a can of white exterior paint and then thinned it with water at a 1:1 ratio.  I plan to put two coats to get the coverage I’m looking for and then two coat of clear gloss to seal and protect.


Finished product soon!

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March 8, 2018

Today I finished the sides of the swing… was a little more challenging than I anticipated.  But, I loved the challenge and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


The sides weren’t the only challenge of the day.  We have three schnauzers…..Gunther, Fiona and Raul (my husband named these dogs….I am not responsible..:-))! )  Gunther is 14 years old and Fiona and Raul are recent adoptions and a year and half old.  They have sooooo much energy and all of them love being outside.  Therefore, if I am out at the barn, they are out at the barn.   I also have 5 chickens and 8 new chicks.  The puppies vacillate between annoying the chickens and stalking the chicks.  That, and digging in the mud.  I’m pretty sure I had fewer distractions when I was raising three children 4 years old and under!!  Fiona was so tired last night, she rolled off the back of the couch she was perched on….hahaha!!  Ok, back to the project discussion…..

I was thinking about working with pallets versus working with wood purchased from a lumbar store and realized that what I like about working with pallet wood is the imperfection of it.  If I can explain this correctly…..I’m not a skilled carpenter, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I can be a bit anal about things.  I think the imperfection of the pallet wood keeps me in check in that arena.  Plus, I really like that I am taking something that would have been discarded/destroyed and making something really useful out of it.

I’ve also been giving a lot of thought about how much I enjoy the creative side of this.  Kind of surprising for someone who I have never considered a creative person, lol!  I’ll give that some more thought…..I have a lot of thinking time out there.

Here’s a picture of the finished sides……working on the back today and then it’s off to sanding and staining!!  Yay!!


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March 5, 2018

I made a lot of progress on the swing today.   Like most of my projects, I make tweaks along the way and wrestle with the fact that I am a bit anal about most things I do and trying not to be!

The base of the swing was my starting point.  I have taken three different swing ideas, as I mentioned, and am merging them into what I think is my ideal.

Here is my progress so far…….don’t mind Fiona and Raul….they were taking a break from chasing the chickens, lol!

More updates in a couple of days!!  Stay tuned……

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March 6, 2018

I want to highlight the different tools I have found the most helpful along the way.  Some people are very tool brand loyal.   I usually go with a variety of brands…..what I choose is dependent on my needs, reviews of the product and pricing.  Price is the last factor because we all know cheap doesn’t always equate to quality. 😉

The first has to be my hand held saw….a Rockwell.  While there are times a table saw would come in handy, this tool is a must for a couple of reasons.  My hands are small and it is extremely easy to use.  Second, it goes wherever I need it to go…..meaning I don’t have to move my project to a saw.

Click on the image below to view and/or purchase one like mine.  Thanks for supporting my website by clicking on my links!!


The second tool is my DeWalt battery drill.  I don’t use any nails in my products….only wood/deck screws.  For outdoor furniture it is a must…..we live in the south so lots of rain and humidity to cause a lot of wear and tear.  I am sure there are other good products….this one just happens to be my choice and has held up great!  It comes with two rechargeable batteries, so I always have a spare charged.


I highly recommend getting a drill bit extension and a set of drill bits such as the ones below.  You may want a set of screw bits as well…..but, most of the screws I purchase come with the required screw bit needed for the screw type.


The next must have tool is a sander.   I use a hand held sander and, while I have a belt sander that is great for big jobs like the front porch posts I sanded and stained,  all in all it is hard for me to handle on a regular basis.  Also, it’s a little overkill for pallet boards and the size of the project and there are a lot of small places to get between.   The Skil hand sander below has held up for a very long time, through many projects, and works great!  The pallets are pretty rustic and sanding the finished project is, in my opinion, a must for comfort.  Splinters = no Bueno! 😮


You can see mine has gotten a lot of use!

Depending on the cut needed, sometimes the hand saw just won’t “cut” it….sorry, had to do it!  :-))   My jigsaw is a great tool!  I get the detail I need and again, it is very easy to handle.  Skil makes great products….very dependable.


Last, and maybe should have been first!……the reciprocating saw or saws all.   Without this tool (mentioned in a previous post), taking pallets apart would be a nightmare.  Pallets already come with some “loss” built in.  Typically, boards are broken here and there or the wood used for the pallet is just not the best run.  This tool takes apart pallets in a fraction of the time any other method does.  I reviewed other methods like the good old fashioned hammer and crow bar and the more recent on the scene….the pallet tool.  It’s a device developed specifically for taking pallets apart……works like a crow bar, but pallet specific.  The issue is pallet wood is often brittle and so there are still boards that break or splinter even with this tool.  Lastly, the other benefit of the saws all is it cuts the nails in half.  So, you don’t have to remove exposed nails….or at least rarely.  I cannot emphasize enough….this is the way to go!!


Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy all these tools at once.  I certainly didn’t.  And, there are many others I want to purchase to make my work easier and faster.  The three I would recommend to get started on your first project are the drill, hand saw and sander.  Well worth the money!

Happy building!

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March 3, 2018

I finally got started on my swing project today.  After consulting several swing options and compiling my ideal swing in my head, I got them sketched out on paper.

I realized right away that the method I used to build my pallet sectional sofa was not going to work for my swing.  As I looked at my stack of pallets, I realized there would be a complete dismantling of all the pallets to achieve my vision.   This resulted in more consulting of the web and I can tell you for certain…..there is one fast and easy method to dismantle a pallet.  All others would require an increase in visits to the chiropractor!

A sawzall with an all metal 12 inch blade is the DEAL!  It is definitely easier as a two person job, although one person with a lot of patience and strength could make their way through it.  My husband and I recorded a sample video of the process so you could see just how easy it is…..really, it is.  And, added bonus……no boards broken that weren’t already in that condition.


We dismantled all 15 pallets and now I am ready to get moving on the build.


Stay tuned for progress pictures and video!