A while back, I was laid off from my job and the tag line “OMG….I was laid off!” kind of fits how I reacted.  After all was said and done, I look back and joke that I went through the 5 stages of grief over it. 🙂  The second stage, anger, is where the furniture comes in.  I think the kitchen came in somewhere around the last stage….acceptance.  LOL.

My husband and I had been in our new home about a year and a half at the time and had made several renovations to it.  The outdoor patio was still a blank slate and I had looked around at outdoor furniture to fill the large space.  The amount I wanted to spend on it and the size we needed to fit the space were not matching up in my head, so I started looking around for a better solution.  I just wasn’t prepared, neither before nor after the lay off, to shell out $3,000-$6,000 on furniture and quotes for the outdoor kitchen, which came in around $12,000.

The pallet furniture came first.  I saw an example on Pinterest of a sofa and from that image, I created a rough sketch of what I wanted for our sofa.  I sent my husband out to purchase the pallets and got to work.  I learned a lot along the way, both good and bad, about what to do on future projects and what to change, but all in all, I was very happy and proud of what I created.  Along the way, maybe most important, I learned how much I loved what I was doing!  In fact, I told my family I wished I could do this full time.

Here is part of my support crew, lol!

Unfinished pallet sofa

A few weeks later, while my husband was away on business,  I seized the opportunity to build the outdoor kitchen around the stainless steel pieces he had chosen for his Big Green Egg and other components.  Another big accomplishment for me!  He was thrilled with the result…..and lets face it:  it may not be quite the masonry quality of many outdoor kitchens, but it also cost us 1/12th the money!

Outdoor kitchen

So, now back to the building things full time!  I made another run at being in the W2 work force….same industry….but, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) the industry remained the same.   After much debate and thought, I have decided to give a run to the thing I have enjoyed doing the most in a long time.  I look forward to writing about my experiences and to letting my imagination run wild on ideas for outdoor furniture…..and, of course, the actual hands on building!

Here is the finished patio…..we LOVE our days and nights out here!  I wish I had taken a before picture….didn’t think that far ahead..;-)

Pallet sofa, table, outdoor kitchen



“Try hard to find out what you’re good at and what your passions are, and where the two converge, and build your life around that.”     Joshua Lederberg