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The weather was great here today so a fantastic day to make more progress on the swing.  I started at the barn with noticing that the chicks needed a bedding change and food and water.   This is where the day took a really unfortunate turn……:-(  And, this is why I said if only things went as smoothly as 1,2,3….

I showed you the picture earlier of Fiona admiring the chicks in their container.  I was taking the chicks out one by one and placing them in a temporary container so I could clean the metal one.  While my back was turned to put a chick in the container, Fiona jumped into the chicks container.  I heard it and somehow knew immediately what had happened.   I grabbed her at exactly the same time she was grabbing a chick.  I won’t describe the details after that, but suffice it to say I could not save the chick.

I don’t get overly attached to my chickens, but there is a certain level of animal admiration I have and I enjoy taking care of them.  And, of course I think it’s pretty obvious I am an animal love……3 dogs, 2 cats and now 22 chickens!!  So, as my husband came down to the barn to help me coral Fiona, I will admit I shed a couple of tears over the event.

As the day went by, and I was working on the swing, news of the event spread to our children.  My son and his wife came down to the barn to hear the tale and soon took off to “run and errand” they said.  My husband headed out to my daughter’s house to take care of a yellow jacket nest that had made a home in her mailbox.

This is where it got interesting……

I got a call from my husband on his way home, and while on the phone I heard some chirping noises.  His response to what I was hearing was “what chirping?!?!”  😉   During the same call, my daughter in law beeps in.   They are at Tractor Supply and would like to know what breed of chick I would like, lol!   I love that they all felt badly for me and wanted to make me feel better by replacing our lost chick.  And replace they did!!  I now have 4 Rhode Island Reds and 4 Leghorns.  (Hence, 22 chickens total!!).   Apparently Tractor Supply was having a sale on chicks and how’s this for a marketing strategy……not only was the price reduced, but you had to take a minimum of 4…..hahaha!!!

Here’s a picture of the happy family…..IMG_7823

The swing now has all paint coats and brackets are attached to stabilize the sides and back.   I placed two on each end, one high and one low.  Tomorrow I will drill the holes for hanging and I’m looking forward to showing you my new swing…..hanging and accented with pillows!!


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