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I put the finishing touches on the swing today.  Made some changes to the back…one of the interesting things about working with pallet wood is it’s imperfection.  But, then again, there are some imperfections I can’t overlook, lol!  So, changes made, I sanded everything.  This part is always exciting to me because it means I’m ready to paint/stain and coat with protective gloss.   Then…..voila!  Finished product…..ahhhh, such satisfaction.

If only the last three sentences above went off as easily as I typed them….hahaha!  More on that as I update you on the weekend.

So, I may have mentioned that I have three schnauzers, two of which are recent adoptions, Fiona and Raul.   Fiona is enamored with my chickens.  So much so I have had to resort to behavioral therapy because she is stressing them out!  Stress = no eggs!  🙁

Well, as was the plan, I added new chicks this spring to keep the flock rotating on egg production.  The new babies are 8 Orpingtons and 2 Easter Eggers (so excited about the pastel eggs!).  Aren’t they adorable?!?!


Fiona has discovered she can view the chicks really well when I have the screen off to clean the container.


Have to keep a close eye on her….she’s sneaky.

Here is a picture of the swing with it’s first coat of white paint.  I decided on a white stained look.  I accomplished this with a can of white exterior paint and then thinned it with water at a 1:1 ratio.  I plan to put two coats to get the coverage I’m looking for and then two coat of clear gloss to seal and protect.


Finished product soon!

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