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March 8, 2018

Today I finished the sides of the swing… was a little more challenging than I anticipated.  But, I loved the challenge and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


The sides weren’t the only challenge of the day.  We have three schnauzers…..Gunther, Fiona and Raul (my husband named these dogs….I am not responsible..:-))! )  Gunther is 14 years old and Fiona and Raul are recent adoptions and a year and half old.  They have sooooo much energy and all of them love being outside.  Therefore, if I am out at the barn, they are out at the barn.   I also have 5 chickens and 8 new chicks.  The puppies vacillate between annoying the chickens and stalking the chicks.  That, and digging in the mud.  I’m pretty sure I had fewer distractions when I was raising three children 4 years old and under!!  Fiona was so tired last night, she rolled off the back of the couch she was perched on….hahaha!!  Ok, back to the project discussion…..

I was thinking about working with pallets versus working with wood purchased from a lumbar store and realized that what I like about working with pallet wood is the imperfection of it.  If I can explain this correctly…..I’m not a skilled carpenter, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I can be a bit anal about things.  I think the imperfection of the pallet wood keeps me in check in that arena.  Plus, I really like that I am taking something that would have been discarded/destroyed and making something really useful out of it.

I’ve also been giving a lot of thought about how much I enjoy the creative side of this.  Kind of surprising for someone who I have never considered a creative person, lol!  I’ll give that some more thought…..I have a lot of thinking time out there.

Here’s a picture of the finished sides……working on the back today and then it’s off to sanding and staining!!  Yay!!


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