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March 6, 2018

I want to highlight the different tools I have found the most helpful along the way.  Some people are very tool brand loyal.   I usually go with a variety of brands…..what I choose is dependent on my needs, reviews of the product and pricing.  Price is the last factor because we all know cheap doesn’t always equate to quality. 😉

The first has to be my hand held saw….a Rockwell.  While there are times a table saw would come in handy, this tool is a must for a couple of reasons.  My hands are small and it is extremely easy to use.  Second, it goes wherever I need it to go…..meaning I don’t have to move my project to a saw.

Click on the image below to view and/or purchase one like mine.  Thanks for supporting my website by clicking on my links!!


The second tool is my DeWalt battery drill.  I don’t use any nails in my products….only wood/deck screws.  For outdoor furniture it is a must…..we live in the south so lots of rain and humidity to cause a lot of wear and tear.  I am sure there are other good products….this one just happens to be my choice and has held up great!  It comes with two rechargeable batteries, so I always have a spare charged.


I highly recommend getting a drill bit extension and a set of drill bits such as the ones below.  You may want a set of screw bits as well…..but, most of the screws I purchase come with the required screw bit needed for the screw type.


The next must have tool is a sander.   I use a hand held sander and, while I have a belt sander that is great for big jobs like the front porch posts I sanded and stained,  all in all it is hard for me to handle on a regular basis.  Also, it’s a little overkill for pallet boards and the size of the project and there are a lot of small places to get between.   The Skil hand sander below has held up for a very long time, through many projects, and works great!  The pallets are pretty rustic and sanding the finished project is, in my opinion, a must for comfort.  Splinters = no Bueno! 😮


You can see mine has gotten a lot of use!

Depending on the cut needed, sometimes the hand saw just won’t “cut” it….sorry, had to do it!  :-))   My jigsaw is a great tool!  I get the detail I need and again, it is very easy to handle.  Skil makes great products….very dependable.


Last, and maybe should have been first!……the reciprocating saw or saws all.   Without this tool (mentioned in a previous post), taking pallets apart would be a nightmare.  Pallets already come with some “loss” built in.  Typically, boards are broken here and there or the wood used for the pallet is just not the best run.  This tool takes apart pallets in a fraction of the time any other method does.  I reviewed other methods like the good old fashioned hammer and crow bar and the more recent on the scene….the pallet tool.  It’s a device developed specifically for taking pallets apart……works like a crow bar, but pallet specific.  The issue is pallet wood is often brittle and so there are still boards that break or splinter even with this tool.  Lastly, the other benefit of the saws all is it cuts the nails in half.  So, you don’t have to remove exposed nails….or at least rarely.  I cannot emphasize enough….this is the way to go!!


Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy all these tools at once.  I certainly didn’t.  And, there are many others I want to purchase to make my work easier and faster.  The three I would recommend to get started on your first project are the drill, hand saw and sander.  Well worth the money!

Happy building!

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