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March 3, 2018

I finally got started on my swing project today.  After consulting several swing options and compiling my ideal swing in my head, I got them sketched out on paper.

I realized right away that the method I used to build my pallet sectional sofa was not going to work for my swing.  As I looked at my stack of pallets, I realized there would be a complete dismantling of all the pallets to achieve my vision.   This resulted in more consulting of the web and I can tell you for certain…..there is one fast and easy method to dismantle a pallet.  All others would require an increase in visits to the chiropractor!

A sawzall with an all metal 12 inch blade is the DEAL!  It is definitely easier as a two person job, although one person with a lot of patience and strength could make their way through it.  My husband and I recorded a sample video of the process so you could see just how easy it is…..really, it is.  And, added bonus……no boards broken that weren’t already in that condition.


We dismantled all 15 pallets and now I am ready to get moving on the build.


Stay tuned for progress pictures and video!

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